So close to “spring” in NYC, yet still. so. cold. I’m so used to being in Charlotte now (undergrad), that by this point I feel like it should be consistently warm every day, no? Clearly I don’t know how NY gets down. We had one weekend of 60-70 degree weather, then back to the windy concrete tundra. So dramatic, but seriously. I’m over it. Btw, to all you “native New Yorkers”… 50 degrees is NOT SPRING. I’ll keep my turtlenecks and coats handy, thanks.

I have literally been contemplating breaking up with NYC over its ridiculously unruly attitude during this whole season. Like, I know you look good on me and all that jazz, and that’s great! But New York, honey… you take winter wayyy too seriously.

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On to the outfit details – In other news, I’m obsessing over this burnt sienna/rust/deep dimensional orange/brown color. Cannot get enough of it. I love the way it looks, and how it can appear to be orange, brown and red at the same time.  I went for a slouchy, color block look here, and I love how these colors translate so vibrantly on camera. I’m such a fan of both booties and the tomboyish vibe, and I’m truly a simple gal – I don’t need much. I often like to keep it simple with my accessories, it’s just recently that I’ve started to get into learning to accessorize more with certain looks.

Everything about this is soooo comfy, too (a #MajorKey for me). The River Island booties are those type that you can walk all around the city in for a day or night out and not feel a thing (trust me I know, I’ve done it). That’s a quality of most block heel booties, but still sometimes comfort can be a hit or miss. These old olive/khaki green chino-like pants are my trusty dusty go-to’s. I cut the slits in the ankles to give them a bit of edge, plus it makes them easier to roll up if I want to. I love that I can throw on this sweater with any and everything. Over a dress, with a skirt, jeans, pants, dressed up or down – it’s just perfect. Comfortable, functional, with a hint of trendy.

When I first got this fur clutch I would literally wear it with everything. It was my absolute fave. Now I just pull it out when needed, but it’s still one of those pieces that I would never get rid of. I just feel like it’s too transitional and valuable as an accessory, not to mention I still love it. Y’all already know all about these Quay sunnies and ASOS coat that I’ve been loving (if not, see “The Intro” post).

This whole look is very typical me, like… really a pure Yasmine moment.

God is love, love is r e a l.
& this is where it all fits into, well… the Gray scheme of things.

Get the look:

sunnies, Quay // taupe coat, ASOS (On Sale Now!) // navy turtleneck jumper, Zara (Sold Out) – Similar here and here // pants, H&M (Old) – Similar here and here // faux fur clutch, ASOS (Old) – Similar here and here // burnt sienna block heel booties, River Island (Low Stock – On Sale Now!)

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