Feed the Creatives is a TGSOT original series spotlighting young Black + minority brand/business owners. A crash course in dream-chasing, where you can get inspiration + advice on starting your own and igniting those entrepreneurial spirits within. Because… why not?

It’s always refreshing to find a young entrepreneur who recognizes a need in the space around them and works diligently to provide a solution to actually fill that need, especially when the primary mission is helping others achieve their goals. That’s exactly what Brittany, most-commonly referred to as Bubbles, is doing through her business, Xchange Artistry.

The DMV-native launched her portfolio-building + networking company back in 2014, and has since hosted various events to support the brand’s mission of helping aspiring industry professionals gain exposure. Xchange Artistry’s curated events bring together like-minds in the fashion, beauty, visual arts, and digital media industries, creating an environment for everyone to get what they need by benefitting from the talents of one another.


The entrepreneur-model-bartender also puts together events for children—most recently, Mini Me Day Camp, a fun-filled day of activities enriched by participating mentors in her community—and women-empowerment, with the upcoming Prissy Picnic, a positive space for women to network, fellowship, and uplift one another, taking place on Sept. 17.

Under Xchange Artistry’s umbrella, Bubbles also runs a customizing business, which she started on a whim through her innate sense of creativity. Plug Yo Self’s mission is to help others understand that promoting and “plugging” your business to gain an audience and following begins with YOU. She urges brand owners to not complain about family, friends, and/or strangers supporting and posting on social media about their endeavors. “I always say that no one will have the passion you have for your dream. Make it a reality on your own; don’t look for anyone to help… just do it!”



“I am a model as well, so I was hosting a campaign for photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylists to collab with me to build each others’ portfolios.”


“I’m always thinking of ways to help people. The feedback I received [after the campaign] was amazing and I had others asking me if I could help them build their portfolios. So I decided to create a company that [could do that]. There’s really nothing like it out here for aspiring professionals who have no clue or guidance on how to get to their goals. Xchange Artistry is that resource for everyone.”


ON how ‘plug yo self’ came to fruition:

“Plug Yo Self was created from me customizing my own branded apparel. My mother had a cutter and heat pressing machine that I used to help her make sports league shirts with. One day I felt like being creative and I made a bomber jacket with my name [on it]. I created the jacket and posted on Instagram just as promo for myself, and from there everyone asked me where I got the jacket made. From that day [on], I was receiving orders back to back to customize items for business owners and personal use. I gradually turned [it into], or I [should] say, it gradually turned into a full-blown business.”



“Making my supporters proud. I’m told all the time, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s amazing.’ I reflect back to my favorite saying: STAY FOCUSED. Often it gets so very hard but I remember it’s for a bigger cause [and will be worth] the mountains I have to climb.”


“Go full throttle; turn that dream into reality. Don’t listen to anyone saying, ‘You don’t think that’s too much?’ or ‘You think that will work?’ DO YOU!


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