The Vibez

french montana – unforgettable ft. swae lee

The Carib. sound is super popular and dare I say “trendy” right now, but I love the authenticity of the video. It was filmed in Uganda with real natives that dance better and with more passion than the trained dancers you see in everyday music videos. And he gets extra points for bringing some of them out on the BET Awards stage for his performance!




The Jam

meek mill – whatever you need
ft. chris brown & tydolla$ign

This samples the throwback ’90s Tony! Toni! Toné! song Whatever You Want—that good good that many of us were conceived to—and I must admit I love the spin (although, you can never compete with a classic, but that goes without saying).




The New New

jhene aiko – while we’re young

Jhene’s ethereal vibes are what attracted me to her from jump. And naturally, she’s a Pisces, of course. We tend to be the lofty, dreamy, all-things-natural loving, spiritual, otherworldly sign, and you can always tell through her personality—what she says, does, even wears—and obviously her sound. Her music is so deep and filled with passion, and she’s almost always telling a story. I still listen to her old stuff on the regular! Anyway, I love this video concept, I thought it was so sweet and was the perfect visual pair to the lyrics.




The Sultry

sza – supermodel

This debut album is getting some really positive attention and I’m sure Sza feels so proud of the body of work she’s created. I feel like she’s the voice of the 20-something Millennial female right now. A lot of her music accurately conveys what a lot of us are going through at this point in our lives and that’s probably why so many of us f*ck with and understand her vibe.




The Lifted

french kiwi juice – skyline

I’m unpredictable, and when I’m in the mood for something different you never know what you’re gonna get. I started listening to FKJ a couple of months ago and I dig them. I refer to this as “lifted” because it’s so dreamy. There’s still something so soulful about it, it’s soothing and chill yet cool and hip, and you can still bounce to it. Plus the lyrics speak volumes: Endless troubles to go through / They are strewn in the city / Daily struggle to be true / Betrayed authenticity / Poison world around but still / I will take another round / Or another ride until / We take off from the ground / I wanna reach that skyline…


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