So I just got back from Mexico two weeks ago (so much fun), and I wanted to drop another dose of #HeavyRotation on the blog. I love the heat and my favorite season is approaching, so you already know… big ‘tings ah gwan. Looking forward to all the new music dropping this summer!


The New New

bryson tiller – somethin’ tells me

Newly dropped. Fireee! I already love Bryson and of course I like the song, but he took the appreciation and admiration to a new level with this video concept. I only have one thing to say… melanin. Also, loveee that he plays a photographer capturing all the beauty and not just some regular, degular thirst-bucket.



The Jam

ELLA MAI – boo’d up

Off her new mixtape. So smooth… Chill, yet upbeat. Not to mention a CB fav—the most talented artist of my generation (non-negotiable). If you don’t know who I’m talking about, please feel free to exit stage left. Anyway, I know for a fact I’m not the only one hoping for a remix with the both of them, and I can almost guarantee it’ll happen.



The Wind Down

khaled – location

I’ve pretty much been listening to this since it came out. Love his unique voice.



The Sultry

sza – love galore ft. travis scott

Hooked. Immediately. Sza’s vibe in general is just so hypnotizing. Hella excited for this album. I can’t lie though, the video did throw me, lol. But I’m here for the artistic expression. It has a crazy unexpected twist, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Also, her website is super dope and different—definitely worth checking out. Personally haven’t seen anything like it (and I love when I can say that).



The Vibez

omarion – distance

So many people try to clown Omarion now but I honestly don’t know why. People do grow up! Let’s not forget he was a part of one of the most iconic R&B boy bands during the early 2000s; the LEAD at that. And that’s my era so excuse me if I take it personally. Little girls, teenagers, and their moms liable to be found at a Scream Tour near you—act like you know, that’s all I’m saying. Anyway, O is grown now with beautiful babies and all, but I really enjoy this little Carib. vibe he’s giving. This came out a few months ago but, good little dance track for the summer.


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