With my mini revamp, I’m now incorporating more of what I love into this blog, starting with a new #HeavyRotation series where I’ll break down what I’m listening to now. And because I like to share quality content, I’m spreading the wealth. You’re welcome in advance. I mean, these are artists that deserve to be known, after all.

For me, discovering new music and artists that I really, really like is literally my favorite thing to do. And by “new,” I don’t mean that they just came out (not always anyway). New just means that it’s a wave I’m riding right now. In my opinion, these days you kind of have to sift through all the mess to get to the good stuff, which often times won’t be as “hyped” as the mainstream hits. Plus, it’s always good to revisit classics. I tend to be a real hip-hop/soul/r&b/old-school-vibe lover, but don’t get me wrong, I turn up too, so bear with me!

I get into these moods where I’ll just repeatedly listen to the same songs or albums over and over and over… anyone else? When something has a grip on me, especially a song or body of work in album form, I just feel like I need to continuously listen to it to wrap my head around the entire thing and fully digest it and let it sit with me. Yep, I’m a “serial listener.” Because of that, I’m not sure how often these posts will be, but I’d say at least twice a month. Anyway, here’s my current top 5, top 5, top 5:


The Wind Down

Sabrina Claudio – Too Much Too Late

I’ve been seeing more of Sabrina around lately on Instagram, so apparently that means people are catching on. She has one of those beautiful soothing voices that is so necessary when you just want some chill, calming, soulful tunes.




The New New

Shameik Moore – Ride the Beat

Shameik—better known as Malcolm from (one of my faves) Dope or Shaolin Fantastic from The Get Down—is on to something with this! Come onnnn, vibes! It’s like when you want to bust a slow wind, but also get that soul/r&b mix. I love to see artists evolve and grow into their potential, especially when they seem like such genuine, vibrant, just-plain-cool ass spirits.




The Rhythm & Blues

June’s Diary – Stay

So excited for a new-age Millennial female r&b group that can actually sing… all of them. June’s diary is the product of Kelly’s show Chasing Destiny, and I am so here for them. Classy and talented, giving me all types of ’90s girl group teas (which isn’t easy to do). Egos aside, it’ll be nice to see where they take this. Especially at a time when “groups” seem to never last, but at the same time old ones are resurfacing and we’re seeing a variety of TV shows trying to bring back that old Making the Band energy.



The Jam

Childish Gambino – Redbone

It’s been out for a while, but after I heard this song in Get Out I could not get it out of my head for a.ny.thing. It was just so interesting and different to me; I couldn’t stop listening. And apparently, neither could anyone else. About a milli’ remixes and chopped n’ screwed versions of this have surfaced within the past couple weeks.



The Underrated

Ella Mai – She Don’t ft. TyDolla$ign

Ella’s got next. She’s on tour with Kehlani right now, and I assume she’ll be on her own pretty soon. Super down to earth and doesn’t do too much. My kinda gal. This song is a couple years old, but I just got wind of it so… here we are. SN: I’m down for anything TyDolla$ign is involved in—he’s the truth when it comes to this music thing.

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