DSC_0015 (1)Lip scrubs have been a “trendy” beauty product since about last year. After researching a few different ones I was looking at purchasing (including Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, & Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant), of course the creative spirit in me eventually took over and I decided to just make one myself, for a few different reasons. DIY always saves money, sometimes you never know exactly what they put in products even after reading the label + there are also often unnecessary ingredients added in, plus it’s suuuper easy. I actually may still end up purchasing one just to see if I can feel any difference and compare homemade vs. store bought.

I researched a few ingredients you can make lip scrub with, and decided to go with a simple sugar, honey, oil recipe. I chose items I already had at home: Vitamin E oil (it’s really good for the skin), plain ole’ granulated sugar and 100% pure honey. But you can pretty much use any kind of oil, and there are many other ingredients you can choose for a homemade lip scrub.

Lip scrub is good for exfoliating the lips and helping to decrease dryness, as well as moisturizing + polishing and even providing a slight plumping effect. This is all in addition to just giving your lips an overall silkier feeling throughout the day! So needless to say, it’s definitely something you should try, if anything. If you don’t use it already and you’re wondering if you should and why… simply put – if any of the following 3 apply to you, you would benefit from the use of lip scrub:

1.) You tend to have chronic dry or peeling lips.

2.) You wear a lot of matte lipstick.

3.) You find yourself often licking your lips and constantly having to apply moisturizing chapstick or lip balm throughout the day, everyday.

I found that I like mine a bit more of a loose consistency. The batch I made before this one was really grainy like most of the store bought lip scrubs (more sugar vs. oil) and I just like how with more oil I get that added moisturized feeling but still get the exfoliation as well.

I usually do this every morning right after I brush my teeth, or at night before bed if I wore matte or liquid lipstick that day, but sometimes if I feel I don’t need it that often I’ll do it 3-4 times a week. And of course I always follow up with my Vitamin C lip balm, so don’t forget to apply some type of chapstick afterwards to seal in the moisture!

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