So this is a phrase I feel like I’m coining at this moment… don’t @ me. If somebody has already “coined” it, cool, and if not, it’s now a thing—says me. The ’90s was just an iconicccc era, and I’m not only saying this because it’s when I was born… the tv, the music, the movies, the lewks + the sheer quality of all the above. I want it all back! I constantly find myself casually obsessing over all-things-90s and just generally missing almost everything about it. Though I was young, it made a serious impression on me, and what we’re left with from that timeframe are classics and clearly speaks for itself as it lives on—one of the (few) things that makes me proud to be a Millennial. Anyone else have these feels?


This Tobi dress just reminds me of the decade, when butterfly clips were staple hair accessories, mini skirts and dresses were fly for any occasion, silk and satin were always a go, prints were essential, and color was king. Like the cycle of everything else, styles from then are making their way back around to now, and I couldn’t be more willing to re-live at least a piece of that era as a young adult. Until God takes me I’m screamin’ #LONGLIVETHE90s.



God is l o v e, love is real.
& this is where it all fits into, well… the Gray scheme of things.

The look:

dress, Tobi

jean jacket, J. Crew (similar)

shoes, Converse

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