If you consume any kind of content or are on social media at all, I’m sure you’ve heard about (and hopefully seen) Dear White People.

Based on the 2014 movie, it’s a Netflix-original series that explores the disparities between Black and White American experiences through the lens of students attending an Ivy League university, and dives head first into the oh-so-sensitive politics of racial tension in this country.

Dear White People provides an uncensored rhetoric that Black people are often made to shut up about and allows dialogue concerning these things to continue to flow. It’s 10 episodes and took me about 2 weeks to finish because well, life and young-adulthood. Unlike my little sister (18), who binged-watched it in A SINGLE NIGHT. Gen-Z. Typical.

I love how the show frames each character’s path and perspective individually and focuses each episode around one specific character, making for a well-rounded viewing experience. Lionel is my personal favorite—a socially awkward sophomore and one hell of a journalist, still coming to terms with his sexuality. His quirkiness is just so cute and always makes me actually LOL. And when he gets bold at the end… YESSS LIONEL! YOU BETTA! Priceless.

I really appreciate the series because I think it’s important to bring attention to these narratives that are otherwise hushed. It’s rated 6.4 stars on IMBD and there are a slew of vloggers who’ve taken to YouTube to express how “racist” the series is, likely because it’s focusing on perspectives that they don’t understand and haven’t had to. Honestly, it just shows how far we have to go in our overall equality battle as a people, and proves exactly why and how crucially we need content like this at this. very. moment. It is not at all a race-bashing pity party, it’s an open and informative body of work bringing light to issues that go on every single day in real life in an entertaining way.

I don’t want to go too in-depth because I think it’s something seriously worth checking out, for the sake of everyone. All in all, definitely a must watch! Here I am, (im)patiently awaiting Season 2.

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