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So I know people are probably wondering why I didn’t choose to completely start over with my Instagram account when I launched The Gray Scheme of Things + rebranded myself as a “blogger” in general, (IG is the only social media platform I was really connected to before launch) so I decided to address the main reasons.

SN: I had been putting off this idea of launching my own blog for like, ever. I never really sat down and worked out all the details of launching a blog + what it took to upkeep, but the older I get the more I realize the desperate desire to have something of my own. Something that I can say I created…  something that has immense growth potential… something I’m proud of.

Ya’ know… My own little newborn baby.

Plus, if I’m going to do something… I’m going do it right! I’m going to put my all into it. Quality takes time. So I decided to finally get serious about my launch.

Thus, the birth of The Gray Scheme of Things.

I contemplated disappearing from social media completely, deleting my Instagram account, or even just keeping my account and deleting all the photos, and then randomly re-appearing when I was ready with a bang, debuting a completely new aesthetic, brand, feel.


I felt that would be too dramatic.

I also had experience in the past with creating a completely separate account and being the administrator of two, but truthfully – I just couldn’t keep up.

So I did it my way.

Instead, I did somewhat of a “soft launch” of The Gray Scheme of Things and created a distinct separation between my IG prior to launch, and after, solely for aesthetic purposes.

Firstly — I want people to know how hard I’ve been working on this (silently), but I also want them to know that it’s not out of reach. Everything is attainable. Do what you want… what you feel. Create something for yourself. As long as you’re willing to put the work in, anything is possible.

I decided to keep my original Instagram account along with all the photos I had posted before launch so that I can always look back at myself and what I’ve experienced, and so that other people can, too, whether they’re just joining my journey or have been here all along. Basically my way to always be able to look back at my ‘humble beginnings’, in a sense. Not to mention that I’m pretty attached to some of my photos on there.

Secondly — I wanted to be able to keep in contact with + show my work to those who’ve known me before launch. And let’s be real… it just wouldn’t be smart to start over when you already have 1,400 people who could essentially be viewing + sharing your content, am I right?

So, I posted a few “teaser” photos on my Instagram which read “coming soon” – just to let people know I was creating behind the scenes. In a way, I wanted my followers to be confused, (possibly even disinterested or jumping to conclusions), but to ultimately know that something new was coming from me. Only a few people even knew that I was working on launching a blog at all, and I didn’t come out and launch everything until I was completely ready.

New brand intact,

everything running smoothly –

planned to perfection.

On to the outfit details – I feel like I’m serving a slight side platter of a modern Janet Jackson in ‘Rhythm Nation’.

With music by our side / To break the color lines / Let’s work together / To improve our way of life / Join voices in protest / To social injustice / A generation full of courage / Come forth with me / People of the world today / Are looking for a better way of life / We are a part of the rhythm nation / People of the world unite / Strength in numbers we can get it right / One time / We are a part of the rhythm nation

Janet Jackson (1989)

The simple yet staple, black leather jacket and cap look. I haven’t always been really into wearing ‘all black’, but it is true that black always works well for everyone and now that I’m getting older, I feel like I tend to gravitate towards it more often than I normally would in the past.

Sock booties are one of those items that can go with absolutely anything – skirt, dress, pants, shorts, etc., and you can even pair them with funky socks. Whether they’re trending or not, they’ve become a closet staple… Just so happens that they’re totally on trend at the moment, and for good reason.

Tip: When in doubt – throw on a simple black pant and some sunnies and you’re good for any outing!

God is love, love is r e a l.
& this is where it all fits into, well… the Gray scheme of things.

Get the look:

lips, ColourPop // sunnies, Quay // leather jacket, Romwe (on sale now!) // sheer camo button-up, Cheap Monday (Sold Out) // black textured cap, NastyGal (Old)  // watch, Michele // black zipper crossbody, NastyGal // sock booties, ASOS

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