Who doesn’t like to find a great deal when shopping? Or getting cash back on purchases they would regularly make anyway? *crickets* Exactly. I’ve always had friends and family ask me over the years, “How do you always have new stuff?!” (clothes/shoes, namely). Well for one, I’m an addict. And not like a “designer whore” or anything, I like nice things but I’ve never been one to need a lot of name brands… I just love to shop! I like looking good, and nothing makes me feel better than new stuff. But now, I’m a recovering shopping addict (because as we discussed previously, I’m working towards being a fiscally responsible young adult now…) So that’s promising, but progress is a process!

Over the years I’ve picked up many shopping tools to help me spend relatively wisely from different people and places, but only a few have stuck with me, and these are the ones I’ve been using consistently over the past 5-6 years. And don’t fret, none of these have any associated subscription fees & they cost nothing at all to sign up.



I’m sure everyone knows about Groupon by this point, or should anyway. And if you’re not searching it first when looking for something, you’re losing out! I’ve found some great deals just by scouring Groupon—salons, spas, classes, tech, home goods, activities, restaurants, EVERYTHING. It is my go-to. I’ve even booked a full all-inclusive, flights included vacation through Groupon Getaways. No holds barred, it’s the shit.


I’m a serial online shopper so it’s rare that I’ll go in the store and actually find exactly what I’m looking for. The way this works is that you get a refund for a percentage of your purchase, and it’ll get deposited into a PayPal account (or you can choose to be sent a check instead) once every three months. Which to me was annoying at first, but then I realized there’d be no point in me depositing the few dollars I may make back from one purchase right away, so I’m totally fine with it now. The idea is that the amount builds up over that time, and it’s a nice little surprise for someone like me who forgets. Some people may not think it’s a lot, but when you’re a Millennial riding the struggle bus, every dollar counts! Plus, it’s “free” money back, and where’s the harm in that? You spent it anyway. The cool thing is they’ve even added an in-store component now, which is new from when my mom first put me on to it. It’s hella useful for me because I shop so often at places like Asos, Topshop, Groupon, Booking.com, Sephora, Travelocity, and the department stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth, and Neiman Marcus. To date, I’ve made back close to $700. And if you use this referral, you’ll get free money for signing up! Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


If you’re close to me, you know I’ve been preaching about Posh for years! I’ve been using it for roughly 5 years now, and basically, it’s just an app used for buying and selling fashion. You sign up, make an account, and list your items for people to buy. I think of it as a cross between Instagram and Ebay. Sign up code for free money credited towards your account: HPRPU. This is perfect for my people who are guilty of buying something, wearing it once or twice, and tossing it… don’t @ me.

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