Ladies, we’ve all been there. You’re rushing (per usual) and you need to use as little products as possible to look decent and get out the door. You don’t want to go out bare-faced because A) you look ghastly and/or like you’ve been up all night doing God knows what or B) where you’re going is important (obviously) and you need to look your best! I know the feeling all too well. Over the past couple of months I’ve put together a quickie routine for myself if I’m strapped for time, and I’ve found that it’s helped me in these times of need. All I need to pull myself together is these 5 products! They cover all the basis and give me enough of a pop to get my day started not looking a complete and total tired mess.

These are in the order in which I apply, starting with eyebrows.


1. Eyebrows

Wunderbrow. My brow hairs are super light since I’m a natural sandy brown, so it’s always been frustrating getting them to look thick. They’re also pretty short in my opinion and don’t grow all the way to the end of my eye crease, so I like to fill them in daily to stretch them a bit—it really does change my face when my brows look clean. Especially when they need to be touched up, this is a game changer! I use the color black/brown and I like this product because once it’s on, it’s on until I wash it off. The brand claims it stays on “for days,” but I’m not sure how that works unless you’re not washing your face daily. The product retails for 22$ but in my opinion, it’s worth it.

2. Concealer

Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum. For some, concealer isn’t a necessity. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people! I have the worst deep-set dark under eye bags. I can’t even really call them “dark circles” because they’re not. I’ve looked it up plenty of times and what I have is actually referred to as tear trough depression. I always said that when I was in the position to do so, I would get dermal fillers in my under eye trough area to reduce the look of the deep set lines. Mine are hereditary so I’ve had them since I was about 12 years old, but of course they’ve gotten worse with age. That said, I need a full coverage concealer that can at the very least cover some of the discoloring. The inset tear trough lines I can’t do much about, but concealer is a must, must, must for me if I don’t want to look like I’ve been casually kickin’ it with my raccoon bae-on-the-side. The shade I use is Pecan Pie, and goes for $14 (a more affordable option than my MAC alternative, which is a little drying, in my opinion).

3. Mascara

Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume. This is my favorite favorite favorite mascara ever. No seriously, it does more for my lashes than any mascara I’ve ever tried. I first experienced it via a beauty sale at Redbook magazine and have been smitten ever since! Mascara is the finishing touch for me on the eyes, it just makes me look awake. And since I never got the hang of eyeliner, this is all I need to pull me through ($14).

4. Bronzer

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I like to use bronzer since I always wear concealer. It’s easy to just brush on and create that subtle chiseled cheek dimension into my face. The quad is convenient because I can use it as bronzer/contour/blush. Color is Naturally Enhanced, $32 (limited edition).

5. Highlight

Glossier Haloscope. I no longer want to leave the house without my highlight blingin’. Ever. This helps with that! It doesn’t give me too much bling for a natural look, but gives me my fix with a dewey finish. It’s in a convenient little stick with a smooth consistency, perfect for blotting on and rubbing in with your fingers. Mine is in the color Topaz ($22).

Bonus: Lips

If I’m doing a “true” super quickie look, I’ll usually just throw on some clear gloss or balm—rosebud salve as of late. If not, I may opt for a lippie (a matte bright red is my go-to). Ironically, Riri Woo (Rihanna w/MAC) or Saigon (Karrueche w/Colourpop) to be exact.

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