I haven’t done a beauty post since I got back in the swing of regularly adding to TGSOT, but people always ask me what I use on my skin so I figured this would be the perfect topic to tackle! Honestly, my usual skincare routine is super simple. It consists of cleansing + toning (usually only in the morning) + moisturizing twice daily, and then I’ll use a mask once-twice a week depending on the current needs of my skin.  I tend to switch up products a lot— one perk of working in the magazine publishing industry is that you get a ridiculous amount of free beauty products—and I’m all about trying new things! Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite products and what I’m using now to cleanse + moisturize + remove makeup, as well as why I like them. I will also do a round-up of the masks I use, but I’ll save that for the next post!

Just for a little skin insight: I don’t really breakout much unless it’s that time of the month or I’m eating hella sweets and not drinking water (I don’t drink soda at all), and my skin type is slightly dry-normal. I’ve been blessed to have never really dealt with serious acne problems, but my main issues are white + blackheads and oversized pores, and my problem areas tend to be my chin and nose.


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Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash. Soap & Glory is a brand I use a lot, and this turned into my absolute favorite everyday cleanser. It’s not meant for acne or anything like that, just a daily face wash. I would use it every morning (as you can see, because it’s empty), and it always leaves me feeling super fresh. I believe this was my 2nd or 3rd bottle, and they’re pretty big so they last a couple of months. Luckily it can be found at Target, Walgreens, and Ulta. I decided against buying another one anytime soon, just because I have so many other products that I need to use, but this is definitely my favorite cleanser!

Night: Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. I saw this in the store and purchased it after loving the Vitamin C facial wash so much. This product claims to “melt away makeup,” but I never trust face wash alone to get my makeup off, so I’m not sure if it would because I haven’t tried it. I always use a makeup remover prior to cleansing, especially when wearing mascara.

Morning: Au Spring/Summer Facial Cleanser. This is formulated specifically for use during high climates and humidity, and I like that it’s made with rosehip and pomegranate extract. One thing I will say is that the scent is very strong/perfumey, which I know a lot of people don’t care for in a facial wash. I don’t prefer a strong scent either, but the smell definitely isn’t bad and I haven’t disliked the way it makes my skin feel, so the smell isn’t enough to stop me from using it (don’t get me wrong, it does smell good).  I also have the serum and I’ll follow up with that sometimes, but not everyday, mainly because I have other moisturizers in my rotation at the moment.

Night: Soap & Glory Two Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub. I use this as my night cleanser since it’s a detox scrub. I’m guilty of using it all over my face and not just on the t-zone, but it works for me that way and has never overly dried me out. It provides a nice cooling sensation which I like and is especially nice before bed, and helps to shrink my pores!

Either: O.R.G Skincare Oxygen Cleanser. I actually purchased this about a year ago after seeing someone post about it on Instagram (yes, I’m that girl, smh—I want to try it all!). It’s an oxygen cleanser that bubbles on your face once the air hits it, which is when the actual cleaning part commences. What drew me to it was the collagen, an ingredient known to plump and firm skin for a youthful look. This is not at all my everyday cleanser, but I’ve been thinking of switching it to the top spot so I can gage if there are any significant changes. When I do use it, it always leaves me healthy and glowy.


Sonia Kashuk Renew Micro Exfoliating Toner. This is currently the only toner I’ve been using. I like to use it after cleansing to remove any excess dirt that may have been left behind in my pores before moisturizing. I like this one because it isn’t too drying like some toners I’ve used in the past. Sonia Kashuk products can be found at Target, so they’re pretty easily accessible.


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Either: Pixi H2O Skindrink.
Pixi was one of the first brands I tried that can be found at a regular store (Target) that I felt actually made my skin feel good and didn’t dry it out at all. This is a clear gel-like product that leaves such a nice soft finish afterwards and keeps my face moisturized all day. As you can see, I had to cut the corner tip of it off to try to use it down to the very last drop!

Either: Lush Magical Moringa. This formula is actually a little thick for my face moisturizer taste, so I’ll only use it when I feel like my skin needs some serious moisture or has been super dry. It’s made with Ghanian shea butter and a little goes a long way. You have to really, really massage it into your skin for it not to look like you bathed in grease, but it does leave a very matte finish when used properly, which I like. And I love that Lush uses natural ingredients, so that’s always a plus!

Morning: Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist. I love this stuff! I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy, but I love a good spray on moisturizer. The citrusy smell is perfect for mornings, which is when I use it. It always gives me and my skin a little boost, and keeps me moisturized and dewey all day. I tried their Hydrating Milky Mist in the past and loved it too, so I’m eager to try some other products in their skincare line. I’ve tried enough of their products by this point so this is an affordable brand I would definitely vouch for!

Night: Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is good for the skin in general, but I actually only started using it on my face after my mom told me she’d read something that said to help the skin from being too oily, we actually need to put oil on it. Which of course made no sense to me at first, but after reading about it, it did. If you have oily skin, this article is definitely worth the read to understand how to better care for your skin. Personally, I never really had a problem with oily skin—if anything I needed to make sure it wasn’t dried out—so the Vitamin E oil aids with that. I only use it sometimes… I’d say once every week-two weeks overnight.

Makeup removal:

Coconut oil. I’ll use coconut oil when I have on a full face of makeup, or I’m just feeling lazy and don’t want to get cotton balls out and all that jazz. I’ll pour or scoop a little into my hand and just rub it all over like a madwoman until I look like a clown. I usually like to get a virgin, unrefined, organic version, but this is all they had at the grocery store that day, so hey. The only thing I don’t like about using it is that even after I use a cleanser I still feel oily, so because of this, I don’t follow-up with moisturizer after cleansing if I’ve used coconut oil. Also, do NOT get this in your eyes!

Micellar cleansing water. Micellar water is what I’ve consistently used for a few years now. I like that it’s gentle and does the job… even waterproof mascara is pretty much a breeze to take off. I soak a cotton ball and take to the areas that need the most removing, before just washing off the rest of the makeup with cleanser. This is Garnier, but I’ve also used Simple brand prior to and liked that one as well. I’m sure any brand of micellar water would work just the same. It actually says you don’t have to cleanse afterwards, because this is meant to be a dual action, but I do anyway just because I like my face to feel super fresh.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve used/like/dislike any of these products and what products work best for you!

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