If you come here often, you know I like to chat… Today, my post comes with a mini story time. So, there’s this darling little sunflower garden down the block from my house that has the prettiest full-grown sunflowers. Like, the really big ones. I walked by it a couple of weeks ago and decided I would definitely make a shoot location out of it before summer was out, since it was closed at the time. They’re only open Sat/Sun sunrise–sunset, so this past weekend I put on this outfit because naturally, I wanted to match the flowers. Y’all… when I went back, I was so devastated to find that all the sunflowers were wilted & DEAD. All of them! I literally could not believe it. How did all those tall stalks of flowers die in one-two weeks’ time? It didn’t make any sense to me at all. I was so upset about it, but since I couldn’t take any photos in the sunflower field, I figured I’d be the sunflower instead—bright and positive, spreading seeds of happiness and keeping my face to the sun so I can’t see the shadows.

Speaking of sunflowers, if you follow me on Instagram you know I post daily affirmations on my story via my favorite app, Eternal Sunshine. Highly recommend. It’s just good for the soul. I’ve been wanting to get a sunflower tattoo on my inner arm for about 6 years now, but it’s just never been the right timing… I figure when it is, it’ll happen.


God is l o v e, love is real.
& this is where it all fits into, well… the Gray scheme of things.

The look:

sunnies, H&M (similar, similar)

skirt, Topshop (similar)

bag, Zara (similar)

shoes, Nike Cortez

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